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bride in da hood

brooklynmili in metroweddings

wedding! and anyone need some pellegrino?

hello, metroweddings folks!

as our fearless moderator mentioned, kate and i got married two weeks ago in brooklyn. it went fantastically. we have lots of recommendations to post--dresses, venue, food, staffing companies, etc, etc, etc. expect a big wrap up post in the next few weeks, and neither of us are planning on leaving the community for a while. we're more than willing to talk to any brooklyn brides about how we did what we did!

but, more pressingly--if any summer brides on here are doing the diy route for reception catering, and still need some of the basics like mineral water, selzer, and soda, we have TONS left over and would be very willing to pass them along very cheaply. i've got something like a case and a half of san pellegrino in my apartment, people. someone, please, take it away from me!

and, just for fun: photos!


I'll take it. How much do you want for it?
I've actually sold most of in on craigslist. This is what I have:

15 bottles of Gerolsteiner (flat mineral water in glass bottles), $.75 each (retails for at least $1.50)
11 1-liter bottles of seltzer, $.50 each
large salt and pepper grinders from Costco, $1 each
5 packages of 25 eco-friendly disposable hot/cold drink cups, $1 each
2 packages of gluten/wheat free tamari seaweed crackers, $1 each
1 box of splenda, 100 packets, $1 for the box

i also have some vases from centerpieces and some diy stuff left over, if you need any of that.

let me know if you want any of it. the labels on the seltzer are a little faded (they've been in the sun) but they could be stripped off. i could check to make sure it's still ok if necessary. totally willing to make a deal to GET THINGS OUT OF MY GODDAMNED HOUSE. :)

best way to reply: email me at my screen name at gmail.