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Apr. 26th, 2007

photo: dee in pool


Alterations suggestions, please!

Does anybody know of good tailor/seamstress in the NYC area that can alter wedding gowns for a reasonable price? When I ordered my gown, my measurements matched up to size 20, but I might have to get the gown taken in a bit, and get a simple bustle while I'm at it.

Please give me your suggestions!

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Apr. 19th, 2007

photo: dee in pool


Essay Contest. Prize: $3000 Wedding Gown!

A former "Sex and the City" writer is holding an essay contest. The prize: a $3000 wedding gown she didn't receive until 3 days before her wedding.

The official site is here.

Deadline is May 28th.
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Apr. 18th, 2007

bride in da hood


knot wedding sale

if any nyc brides are ordering from the knot 2 day sale (which ends today) and want to split shipping, we'd love to.  also, if collectively we put in an order of $85 or $150, they have additional discounts.

you can just reply to this post with your email--i'll be checking comments. 
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Mar. 28th, 2007



Casa Rina and other possible reception venues


Anyone know anything about Casa Rina Restaurant, in Thornwood? I googled it, but didn't come up with too much in the way of reviews. They seem affordable for a wedding reception, according to their web site. *fingers crossed* :)

Maybe FH and I will go there on a date sometime soon, to try out the food... ;)

I've also contacted numerous places at this point about the possibility of having a tea party or cocktail party reception, and this weekend we are going to check out the Colonial Mansion. (They are still our first choice so far, but we don't know if our budget will allow.)

Edited to add: Also, does anyone here know anything about The Polish Center in Yonkers? They seem willing to work with us, within our budget. I'm sure my family would think it was weird, since we're not Polish; but FH's family is. ;) So there's our excuse! Heheh. It could be nice, as long as they have good vegetarian options, too (2 of my best friends are vegetarians).

Mar. 25th, 2007



another venue question

Does anyone know of a reception site in Westchester that you can just rent, and bring in your own food and stuff? (It would be a BIG plus if they had linens and china available.)


Mar. 20th, 2007



Question, and my intro

Anyone know of any cheap Westchester reception venues? (It feels like an oxymoron to put "cheap" and "Westchester" in the same sentence! But we're trying...) We're on a really limited budget, and want to have 100 or so guests. We do not want an outdoor wedding. We're willing to rent out a place and find a caterer (or maybe even cater it ourselves), or get a package deal; whichever makes more sense. I've heard about people getting married at places like civic centers (not that I know where there is one around here) and historic sites. Ideas? Suggestions?

Name: Alexis
Wedding Date: 10/26/08
Role in wedding: Bride
Age: 28 (but will be 29 by the time I get married)
Your location: White Plains, NY
Wedding location: Ceremony: White Plains, NY; Reception: not sure yet (hoping for WP, too)
Theme: Ha! Whatever we can afford. ;)
Wedding Colors: Teal blue and cream.
Formality: Either semiformal or informal (probably informal).
Number of guests: 100
If you're a bride or groom:
How did you and your fiance meet?: OKCupid.com
How long have you been together?: 1 year and 3 months
Do you have a personal wedding website or blog?: Yes, and here it is.

Feb. 11th, 2007

bride in da hood


Alterations frustration

So I just went to my alterations appointment...to find the place closed, and no one answering the phone.  The place was Unique Alterations down on East 16th St near Kings Highway in Brooklyn.  GRRRRRRRR.  I was really excited to get a quote from them!  I already got a quote or $175 from the place where Kate is getting her dress altered, down in our hometown near Philly, but I'd like to spend less if I can, considering it's just a hem and a pressing! 

Does anyone have any suggestions for good tailors or seamstresses in Park Slope, BoCoCa, or Windsor Terrace?  I'd love to have a chance to see someone this week, before we go to Philly next weekend and I can just go to the people down there. 

(Also: what did you spend on your alterations?)


Good Places to Stay?

Can anyone recommend good places to stay in Queens or Brooklyn?
Our wedding will be at the Queens County Farm in May, and the pressure to come up with tips for accommodations is starting!
I could Google (as can my future MiL) but I'm looking for personal recommendations - B+B's your family liked, a hotel that's a bit out of the way but close to the subway or LIRR, anything. Or even tips from Craigslist that have proved reliable.
Thanks in advance!

Jan. 17th, 2007

photo: dee in pool


A cheap idea for bridesmaid gifts...

I found these mini-purse manicure kits at Duane Reade for $1.50 (50% off $2.99). I picked up some for my bridesmaids' totebags. They come in pink and black, as you can see in the picture:

purse manicure kits

Jan. 8th, 2007

red body


i'm new here, so, HELLO ALL! :)

Name: Nicola

Age: A good friend once told me that a real lady never tells her age, so let's just say that erik is decently older than me ;)

Fiancé's name: Erik

Fiancé's age: 36

Role in wedding: Bride to be

Location of wedding: NYC - not exactly sure where yet

Wedding date: 10/07 - haven't picked a definite date yet

Why did you pick this day?: n/a

Wedding details (theme, size, formality, etc.): We are having a medium/large size wedding- approx 250 people. the ceremony will be in the same church my parents and grandparents got married in... and then the reception will be somewhere beautiful afterwards. i'm hoping to find something with a garden-y aspect, as well as a ballroom for sit down dinner. indoor/outdoor options are a big thing for me. We aren't going to have a theme, per se, but we'll probably stick to autumn color - rich reds and oranges and browns and golds. i don't want anything too formal or black-tie, but i don't want a hoe-down either... we are trying to find a happy compfortable medium :)

How you met: he was friends with my ex-boyfriend and he was also the drummer in a band that i loved. we had a bit of a messy start, but in the end all that matters is that we came out of the ordeal together. and eight year later, we are still going strong <3

Was it "love" at first sight?: honestly, for me, yes.

What do you love MOST about your fiancé: that he tempers my neurotic-ness with his laid back nature. i think we are eachother's best compliments.

Do you have a wedding journal/website?: just a livejournal that i started- nicoleanderik

Anything else? we got engaged in 7/06 and planned a big engagement party in 10/06 (with my parent's help) and totally burned out! it's been 3 months now and i'm looking forward to getting this wedding planning started, finally.

Pictures: here's a few!Collapse )
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