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NYC Metropolitan Area Weddings
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Welcome to the (New York) Metro Weddings Community! If you're in the NYC area, or are planning on getting married in or near NYC, this is the place for you. Hopefully, this will be a place where Metro brides (and grooms) can discuss plans, vendors, sites, and other resources in the area.

A few ground rules (subject to change):

1. No flaming! I'm sure you've read this one before. Weddings can be a very emotional topic. In any community, there are bound to be people who don't necessarily agree with you. It's totally OK to disagree, but please express your opinions with respect.

2. No advertising! Letting us know the good, bad, and ugly of wedding vendors is strongly encouraged. However, if you happen to be a vendor, this is not the place to plug your services. Posts made for personal, monetary gain are subject to deletion. Any user who repeatedly makes such posts is subject to banning.

3. No excessive cross-posting! People tend to get annoyed when they see the same message 3 or 4 times in a row on their friends pages. If you're contemplating sending the same message to different communities, it's pretty likely that it's inappropriate for at least one of them. Aww, screw it! This community's still a little baby; feel free to cross-post for now (it would be nice if you could plug metroweddings when you do). This rule may change, as the community grows.

4. Keep it short! Please use lj-cut tags (<lj-cut>) to cut down on lengthy posts or large images, and use hyperlinks on long web addresses. Don't worry; if you're not sure what that means, someone will politely point it out to you if need be.

5. Keep it clean. Please refrain from excessive profanity.

6. Don't be a stranger! Feel free to introduce yourself...